It is a 100 percent natural preparation with no side-effects. This oil is highly nutritious and possesses remarkable healing and rejuvenating qualities proven to help reduce many chronic diseases.

Nabhitouch oil therapy

The Best Ayurveda Healing

It is the pit of the stomach and is one of the great autonomic plexuses of the body in which the nerve fibers of the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system combine. It is a dense cluster of nerve cells and supporting tissue, It is also known as the celiac plexus(Naval area). Through branches, it controls many vital functions such as adrenal secretion and intestinal contraction, etc. It circulates energy to the entire body and plays an important role in the development, circulation and control of human life. It is also known as the second brain of our body. There is a strong relationship between navel and the brain. As humans are becoming more and more modern and materialistic, the stress is also increasing, which causes the navel imbalance. Any fear arising inside the human brain directly affects the navel.

Supports your digestive system and helps lose unwanted weight

The role played by the navel is recognized mostly in Ayurveda, but not in Allopathy, Homeopathy and other systems. A healthy navel center increases physical energy, brightens the aura of the body, enhances physical attraction and beauty. It keeps the person, active and energetic, stress free, makes the nerves and muscles active, increases the memory and produces healthy semen. Navel is deeply related to our digestive system, hence any imbalance in navel leads to sour belches, indigestion, constipation, loose motions etc. and causes sudden weight gains and losses. Just as a misalignment may occur within the spinal cord, so a misalignment of the navel and stomach muscles may also occur. Normally the displacement of the navel has relation to weakening of ligaments related to large intestine.


Take Care

Belly button care: Wash daily with a mild antibacterial soap and water. Use your washcloth or sponge to get inside your belly button and clean out any dirt that’s inside. You can also use a saltwater solution to clean your belly button. After you bathe, dry the inside of your navel completely.
And Use VAIDBAN’S Nabhi Touch Oil, made purely with herbal extracts and oils of Rasona, Plandu and Maricha. These all are Vata kaphashamaka.
Its easy to use and safest method to set navel and made body fresh and energetic.


1. Don’t lift any object with a sudden jerk.
2. Don’t lift heavy objects on an empty stomach.
3. Walk smoothly. Don’t put whole pressure on one foot/leg while walking.
4. Don’t lift the weight beyond the capacity of your physical body.
5. Learn the Yoga-Aasanas and Praannaayaamas properly under the guidance of some trained Yoga-practitioner.

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